How we work

We do all we can to minimise the time you spend on the production of your newscast. From helping you with the story selection, through to script writing and the gathering of appropriate visuals to support your stories.

1. We train your staff to film quality content on smartphones or cameras.

2. We animate your logo and create a customized news studio.

3. We advise on story selection, tone and brand placement.

4. You write the script with our support or we can write it for you.

5. You send us the relevant footage, images and graphics.

6. Our British Newscasters read your script accompanied by your visuals.

7. Using greenscreen, we can simulate reports from any global location.

8. We then edit the entire newscast for your approval.

9. We can then translate your script and subtitle the news in any language.

10. Upload your newscast to all of your social media channels and websites.

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