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E-newsletters are obsolete. Video Newsletters allow you to broadcast your news daily, weekly or monthly on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram giving you a potential audience of millions!

Every month we’ll produce an upbeat, attention-grabbing, 3-5 minute, television-quality newscast for you, which you can broadcast to your clients, prospects and employees via email, your website, and all relevant social media platform giving you a larger audience than ever before!

Every news program is presented by a professional newscaster or anchor with extensive news reading experience who can effectively deliver your news, build your brand and help you increase your sales.

Imagine the prestige of having your own online news channel and broadcasting an attention-grabbing video newscast every month instead of a lengthy, text-based e-newsletter.

For the last ten years, we’ve been producing these television broadcast quality newscasts for companies of all sizes throughout the UK. Now, we’re also bringing this highly-effective news delivery service to the United States.

Free, personalised filming training for your staff

What’s more, to help you collect all the supporting footage for your news stories, we'll train your staff, free of charge, to capture professional video footage on their smartphone, this can include comment from your management, testimonials from your clients and other relevant footage which is then sent to us electronically to include in the final edit.

Act now for your free trial

Remarkably, this valuable service is just £1,200 per newsletter in the UK and just $1,500 in the USA, which includes script editing, studio hire, cameraman, director, equipment, a professional newsreader, autocue and a full editing service. We will even produce an animation of your logo on your first paid newscast.

Your first newscast will be free. So don’t delay, sign up for your video newsletter today.

Sample Video Newsletters

Kent Invicta Chamber News
Sierra Leone Record Preservation - (Documentary Style News)
Bella Vou News (Cosmetic Surgery)
bfa Video News - (UK Franchise Industry)
Health & Safety Group Newsletter (Training Industry)
IOHR NewsDesk - (Human Rights)
Kent Invicta Chamber News - April 2019
BFA News September 2019
Qlaims Newsletter 1
Young Gifted Initiative - Self Image Enhanced - Bisi Akins
Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce News July 2019
Video Marketing News - May 2019 - Online TV Group
Kent Invicta Video News Oct 2019
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Our Newsreaders and Presenters

Choose one of our professional newsreaders and presenters, each of whom have extensive broadcast experience. When ordering your newsletter please specify your first and second choice of newsreader. If you would like two newsreaders for your newsletter there will be an additional £200 charge. (This is very useful if you would like one to be your studio anchor and the other to be your on-location reporter). You can also book them directly for your own projects on (01634) 887499.

Female Newsreader/Presenters

Male Newsreader/Presenters


Video Newsletter Testimonial - The Video News Company
Funfest Testimonial - The Video News Company
Lloyds Bank Testimonial - Online TV Group - The Video News Company
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