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Get More Views for Your News

Include your Video Newsletter in your e-mails, websites, YouTube channels and all major social media platforms. You can even play them in your reception areas.

We can deliver your news either as a broadcast quality Video Newsletter presented by one of our professional newsreaders, or as a 30/60 second Video Newsflash that presents your headline news as stunning motion-graphics.

If required, The Video News Company can cost-effectively provide camera crews to gather your news content anywhere in the world and add subtitles in any language.

For a limited time only, we are also offering clients who subscribe to our monthly or weekly video newsletter service a host of FREE video production services which include: a Video Filming Masterclass so you can collect video footage for your video newsletters using your mobile phone or DSLR; an animation of your logo; the production of a motion-graphics intro for your video newsletters; the use of our stock footage, image and music libraries.

Sample Video Newsletters - produced from just £500 ($600)

Bella Vou News - June 2019
bfa Video News - October 2019
Kent Invicta Chamber News March 2019 (Video Newsletter)
Health & Safety Group Newsletter - July 2019
IOHR NewsDesk - Issue 1 - April 11th, 2019 - Human Rights
Bella Vou News - July 2019 (Cosmetic Surgery)
BFA News September 2019
ABE Nigeria UNESCO project - Self-Presented by CEO
Online Video News - Online TV Group - May 2019
Sierra Leone Record Preservation - Video Newsletter produced by Online TV Group (
Kent Invicta Chamber News - April 2019
Video Marketing News - April 2019 - Online TV Group
UK Movie News - March 2019
Health & Safety Group Aggression Training - Video Newsletter
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Sample Video Newsflashes - produced from just £100 ($130)

Using Motion-Graphics we can create high-impact, short form videos that are perfect for social media platforms. Just choose the pace and style that you would like and supply us with your logo, images, video clips and bullet points and we will do the rest. If you are short of images we can supply some from our extensive libraries. We can normally turn these around with 48 hours of receiving your brief and assets. These videos are normally 30 or 60 seconds in length.

bfa 30 sec news - October 2019
Scam News Oct 2019 - A 30-sec news production by
UK Franchising NEWS - Oct 2019
Video Production Masterclasses - Produce all of your corporate videos in-house
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Optimised for Social Media

For a small additional charge we’ll optimise your video for the specific social media platforms that are most relevant for your target audience. Posting your video in a square or portrait format will often give much more real estate on the page, especially on mobile devices as they are usually held vertically.




Our Newsreaders and Presenters

Choose one of our professional newsreaders and presenters, each of whom have extensive broadcast experience. When ordering your newsletter please specify your first and second choice of newsreader. If you would like two newsreaders for your newsletter there will be an additional £200 charge. (This is very useful if you would like one to be your studio anchor and the other to be your on-location reporter). You can also book them directly for your own projects on (01634) 887499.

Female Newsreader/Presenters

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Male Newsreader/Presenters

Video Backgrounds

You can have any background you wish to your video newsletter or video promo. Here are a selection of backgrounds for you to choose from, but if you want to supply your own or have us source a specific type of background or location we will happily do so.


Video Newsletter Testimonial - The Video News Company
Funfest Testimonial - The Video News Company
Lloyds Bank Testimonial - Online TV Group - The Video News Company
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Single Video Newsletter
Production of a video newsletter up to 60 seconds in length (or 100 words)£500 + VAT per video
Production of a video newsletter up to 2.5 Minutes in length (or 200 words)£750 + VAT per video
Annual Video Newsletter contract (12 monthly issues) - includes FREE Video Production Masterclass, animated logo and Motion-Graphics intro
Cost of each monthly video up to 60 seconds in length (or 100 words)£450 + VAT per video (£4,200 per annum
Cost of each monthly video up to 2.5 Minutes in length (or 200 words)£650 + VAT per video (£4,800 per annum)
Single motion-graphics Video Newsflash
Production of a video newsflash up to 30 seconds in length£100 + VAT per video
Production of a video newsflash up to 60 seconds in length£200 + VAT per video
Annual motion-graphics Video Newsflash contract (52 weekly issues)
Cost of each weekly video newsflash up to 30 seconds in length£90 + VAT per video (£4,680 per annum)
Cost of each weekly video newsflash up to 60 seconds in length£150 + VAT per video (£7,800 per annum)
Additional Services
On-location Cameraman£400 per day (UK only, please call for costs elsewhere. Excluding travel and accommodation, if required).
Cameraman & Director£700 per day (UK only, please call for costs elsewhere. Excluding travel and accommodation, if required).
Translation (up to 200 words)£50 per language
Subtitling (up to 200 words)£50
Script Writing (per 100 words)£50


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